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26.02.2017 - 14:56
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It is important to have objectives. We need to be patient and focus  while we are trying to reach to the objectives. We need to focus, because it is difficult to focus on something with the dispersed brain. But our objectives should make us excited to focus.

For this, we should let our fears and worries go to release our soul and stay in this moment. We need to get rid of our useless and old habits that block us and make difficult our  change. Of course, it is needed some time and patience for these. if we hurry and give up, we live continuously restlessness. While even we are growing a flower, we need to give water and sunlight as it needs. When we hurry and give more water than it needs, this makes it kill, not grow.

Our minds are like our garden. Sometimes we should clean the weeds, thorns and bushes. It happens that we dont plant anything. And worst of all that there are things that we planted with fears and worries.

Here, we should notice that and love the life. When we love, those thorns will go away and our garden will turn to rosary. Don't say that it is not happening anything. Doesn't matter it is small or big thing, you must have a goal.

Conflict, chaos and insolvability in our mind create our outer world. The energies  and vibrations we spread, pull the same energies and vibrations to itself. Means that how we feed our souls with our thoughts, it returns with the same vibration.

You know, when we have pain, we use painkillers. But this ensures only temporarily solution. It doesn't heal us. Unfortunately we should use more and more painkillers in every time. Finally at some point, painkillers will not be usefull anymore. Because of this, after the temporarily solutions, we need to heal it. İf not, treatment time will be longer than normal.

Which one is more beautiful? Happiness or serenity?

Are the happiness and serenity same thing or feeding each others?

Does the happiness depend on external factors?

If the serenity keeps on as continuously, it settles down in our lives. Then, our world change, and we also.

We should talk to ourself as if we are talking with a friendly and sincere friend.  Let's forget people who made us sad and our bad memories. Even the person that we made sad, blamed, criticized in every situation, that means ourselves.  Let's make peace. Let's choose a night and chat with ourselves till morning. Let's reborn till the morning.

Translated by Tolga Ziyagil

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