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26.02.2017 - 14:38
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What does it mean to grown up? 

It is not to be able to do the things you want to do anymore, or to stay away from everything?  

Is it to live by being in need of someone, and according to their wishes? 

No, no, no.  it is none of them. In fact, to be an adult is to be "knowledgable youth". 

The only thing what is getting old is your body. Since you were born, your soul stays always young. 

Of course, if you do not act to your soul like aged. Some people agree that they are getting older, but some of them not. What is the difference between them? I'll tell you that. Moreover, you do not need to hide as secret. 

Tell it to everyone, and they don't think that they are old. 

The people who never accept getting old, can enjoy life at all times,  develop themself constantly, try to live best way of all ages, and never close themself to innovation. If you pay attention, those people always hang out with younger people, thus they keep the energy at maximum level, and this is true. 

It is very important thing that what you share or do with people.  How you feed your soul, and how you respond to your inner child, are very important too. Think about a child what would make him happy. 

Think of your activities that make you still feel good when you do. What is good for your soul? To look at a beautiful picture or landscape every day, dreaming in the gardens full of flowers, learning a new language, go on trips, to meet people, learning how to play a new music instrument etc. . 

There are so many things that will not be counted here. When you are older, you can do things better than young people because they can't or they don't dare. 

Because now you know life. 

You know what will come from life and how will effect you. But a young doesn't know. 

Life is very difficult for young people, but it is not for you. Now you will say that " But we have not got energy or power anymore like before." Yes. You can not jump like teenager, but had not you done it when you were young already? Why do you want to do the same thing at any age? 

There are a lot of new things will be discovered. Maybe this core idea that lets you stop yourself by accepting the aging process. Can you get pleasure from the same meal everyday,  until when? 

If you limit yourself according to what your body can do, then the life will begin to give suffer to you. However, even if it limits your movements, how many opportunities you have to prepare young people for life, that you can be an example to young people, and you can still do. It is entirely your choice whether you want to see it. 

Some young people act like as if they were born 70-years-old, but some "knowledgeable youth", although they are 70, are living the beauties of life, and can be an example to young ones. None of the reading, learning, living beauties and tasting are not about age. 

These are not bound to the age, it is bound to your brain. It is related to how do you see your life, how you embrace it. Although advanced age, see "knowledgeable youths" that lift weigths in the gyms and make their physical better. Both without gender discrimination. Their biggest difference is that they are always loving life and think they deserve the best of themselves, and are also live accordingly. 

I can hear from you that "Life is not always hunky-dory. It does not seem to always dust  pink." It completely depends on your perception. Life is always like it is. Think about how you perceive life when you are sad or happy. When you are sad, you think everything is meaningless, life is not fair at all etc. . 

But, when you are happy, you think everything is alive, exciting and you can get pleasure from everything, and any negativity can not affect you. In fact, life did not change. Entirely your perspective is changed. Have you noticed that? :)

In life, nothing was born with you and will not go with you. So, the only thing that remained to you is to live the moment, try to spend your each day better, and also not to forget how knowledgeable youth you are. Because you are the real one who will take the taste of life. And you should know how lucky you are.

Hope you enjoy it.

the one that could not be knowledgeable young yet  (ÇA-TZ)

(translated by Tolga ZIYAGIL)

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